NGT Wants To Ban 10-Year-Old Diesel Vehicles In More Cities But Government Not In Favour

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9:07 pm 30 May, 2016

The National Green Tribunal wants to ban 10-year-old diesel vehicles in at least 15 cities across India so as to to bring down pollution in the country.


NGT Office in Delhi Indian Express

NGT Office in Delhi Indian Express

The initiative that was started by NGT in New Delhi earlier this year has already been extended to Kerala.


Representational Image Indian Express

Representational Image Indian Express

Now, looking at the worst air quality in around 15 cities across India, NGT plans to extend this ban to those cities and take old diesel vehicles off the roads.

Unfortunately, the Centre is not happy about the idea and on May 30 asked the Tribunal not to extend the ban.

The government has requested them not to extend the ban in at least 11 cities, especially looking at the chaos that the move created in Delhi.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has played down the Delhi-NCR ban on registration of large diesel vehicles and called it a “transient phase.”




Here is what we know so far:



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