This Group Rescued 30 Animals Injured By Diwali Firecrackers

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6:18 pm 12 Nov, 2015


Animal rescue NGO, Save Earth for Next Generation, worked round-the-clock this Diwali to rescue animals and birds injured during the festivities in Chennai.

The team rescued around 30 animals – including dogs, birds and squirrels – in need of help.

In Medavakkam, a residential area in the southern suburbs of Chennai, the volunteers from the NGO found a 10-month-old dog with deep injuries, which they took to Blue Cross to get her treated.

While Ravi and two others oversaw the rescue calls, a 14- member team with volunteers was ready to go to any locality to attend to animals or birds injured by firecrackers.


The rescue team also made use of social media platforms like WhatsApp to spread the awareness about the safety of animals.

“The volunteer who is nearest to the location goes there and handles the situation till the team arrives,” Ravi said.

The volunteers treated the injured animals at a shelter on ECR and some were sent directly to Blue Cross. Ravi said his team received a call to rescue an animal almost every hour.

“I called them around 1.30am,” said Amrita Giriraj, a resident of CIT Nagar. She had spotted a dog tied to a tree opposite her home.


From the beginning of this month, volunteers at organisations such as Animals Matter To Me (AMTM) have been busy advising pet owners that all animals they keep must have proper collars with identification tags to ensure they do not get lost on Diwali. Several pet animals run away in panic when crackers are burst.

Several animal NGOs in areas like Thane and Navi Mumbai, including the two SPCAs (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Parel and Thane, had also sent out advisories for the pet owners.


Activist Ganesh Nayak of AMTM said that on last Diwali there were 18 cases where pet owners had complained about the missing animals as a result of firecrackers.

Activist Arati Chauhan of Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell (NMAPC) calls scaring the animals with crackers an offense.



Several activists have pledged on social networking sites that for the sake of animals and the old and ailing they would not opt for fireworks during Diwali.

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