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life insurance

How Can You Get Survival Benefits with a Term Plan?

One of life’s most significant complexities is that it is uncertain. That is why, no matter how much you plan your future, you can never be sure of how it will unfold. Precisely because of this reason, there is a lot of insecurity in life. It is here that life […]

fun on quarantine

Fun Things You Can Do At Home During The Corona Virus Quarantine

Yes, we all need to be inside our houses and after a while, it does get boring and straining – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Most of us are working from home and that only saturates our brain with seeing the same four walls again and again. And before the anarchy […]

best photography tricks

14 Creative Photography Tricks That You Can Use To Take Amazing Pictures

  1. Oreo & Milk       2. Pebbles   3. Reflextion   4. Shades   5. Popcorn   6. The Net   7. Rings   8. Sunset   9. Digger   10. Fruit Ninja   11. Broken Glass   12. From the shades   13. Grave   14. […]