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Know about healthy living tips, health facts, health tips, facts about breathing and many more to keep you updated.

life insurance

How Can You Get Survival Benefits with a Term Plan?

One of life’s most significant complexities is that it is uncertain. That is why, no matter how much you plan your future, you can never be sure of how it will unfold. Precisely because of this reason, there is a lot of insecurity in life. It is here that life […]

online term plans

3 Ways You Can Give Your Online Term Plan More Power

From a young age, we are used to planning for the future. We envision a lifestyle and work hard to get there. Throughout this process, we make countless decisions hoping for the best possible results. It is valid for even the smallest things in life. For instance, when you are […]


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reaches Delhi, Here Are Some Do’s & Dont’s For Prevention

Six cases with ‘high viral load’ have been detected during sample testing in Agra. The samples were of those who had come into contact with the COVID-19 patient from New Delhi reported on March 2, according to a release issued by the Union Health Ministry on March 3. “They have […]