28 Hilarious News Goof-ups That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 2:19 pm



1. Because that’s a landline

2. He’s on something alright

3. Unfortunate photo placement

4. I’d heard they were savvy

5. What fruit?

6. The mysteries of life

7. Can you ad lib the weather?

8. Um. No?

9. Unfortunate ad placement

10. Hey! Kathleen’s sex life is not your business

11. Spare the red

12. When editors try to have fun

13. Lousy story placement

14. Click here?

15. What apt names they have

16. Rapist searched, rapist found

17. At least they own up to it

18. Something evil lurks here

19. Is this a contest for readers?

20. Bad home! No more fire for you!

21. How do you forget about that?

22. And he was right. Many words did fit.

23. Lol

24. Talk about overcoming all the odds

25. Lazy proofreading

26. Long story short

27. How does he manage to get work done?

28. You’ll never drive drunk again

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