New Zealand Started Their Innings At 5/0 Without Even Facing A Ball, Here Is Why

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1:57 pm 10 Oct, 2016

On October 9, during the second day of the third test match between India and New Zealand, many fans were left wondering why the New Zealand team had five runs already up on board even before they had taken the field to bat.

While many wondered what was happening, both teams went on to play the match like nothing was off.


The reason behind the unusual start to the second innings was Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja.

Jadeja, while batting for India had scored 17 runs for India, he had unintentionally also ended up ‘scoring’ five runs for the New Zealand team due to a silly mistake.


You see while Jadeja was batting along with Rohit Sharma during the match, he was given clear instruction by captain Virat Kohli to take the score for India beyond 550 runs as soon as possible.

Jadeja, while eager to do so was also keen to assist Rohit to reach his half century quickly.

In his eagerness, he tried to take a quick single when he was facing Trent Boult in the 167th over and ended up running in the danger area.


But it was not the first time he had done so. Umpire Bruce Oxenford had already given him a warning for the same mistake earlier in the match when he was bowling.

Thus, the match umpires awarded the New Zeland team five runs as a penalty to India for Jadeja’s second mistake.


You see, in cricket, the batsmen are not allowed to step on the playing pitch, so as not to damage it with their shoes which have nails at the bottom.

The restricted area where they are not allowed to run is called the danger zone and even the bowlers are not supposed to step in the area while bowling.

It was a good thing though that Jadeja’s second warning came while he was batting and not bowling.

You see while a batsman can do this and get away with it at the cost of just 5 runs, a bowler with his second warning is banned from bowling for the rest of the inning.


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