22 Meaningful New Year Resolutions For The Year 2016

Updated on 15 Jan, 2018 at 4:06 pm


Let the first resolution for the year 2016 be that your resolutions will not be one of those statistics which states that 23% of New Year’s resolutions are broken in the first week and 45% by the end of the month. Get set with some meaningful resolutions which will make you feel accomplished and successful for the coming year. Let the target be realistic and achievable. Also make specific statements that gives you a target to reach.


1. Make a resolution that you will replace every 3rd sugary drink with plain water.

If you say you are going to give up on soft drinks, coffee or tea completely, you will end up breaking it in the first week itself.



2. Start penning down the happiest thing that happened to you every day for the year 2016.

By the end of the year, you will know what a wonderful year you had.


3. No matter how much junk food you consume, replace every third junk food meal with fresh fruits and veggies.


4. Get back to sending handwritten notes, cards and mails to your friends and family once in a while.

The personal touch makes a huge difference.


5. Buy some beautiful jute or cloth bags to replace the convenient plastic carry bags.

Avoid contributing to plastic menace.


6. Make a list of twelve books you would love to read in the year 2016.

That makes it a book for each month, which you can accomplish without much effort.


7. Choose to forgive three people in your life who have hurt you.

Talk to them and make peace with yourself.


8. Make one change in your home that would save electricity and water consumption.


9. Make sure you walk for at least fifteen minutes every day.


10. Try to keep your mobile phone in your pocket when someone is talking to you.


11. Set a limit to the time you spend on social media.


12. Get a complete health check-up so that any problem can be nipped in the bud.


13. Get rid of the clutter in your mail, mobiles and other storage units.


14. If you regularly eat outside, replace two meals with homemade packed lunch every week.


15. Lay out a plan to help one person in any way once every week.


16. Get rid of the clothes and other junk you do not need anymore.


17. Get your quota of sleep every day. Do not allow internet to steal your sleep.


18. Follow traffic rules when you are on the road.


19. Make sure every day you take five minutes to cut off the mental chatter and negative thoughts that bother you.


20. Cut down on your sugar intake.

Let there be sweetness in your words, smile and behaviour rather than your food.


21. Reduce foul vocabulary.


22. Instead of taking brooms and sweeping roads for publicity, stop littering as much as possible.



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