13 New Year Resolutions That Can Make Your 2016 A Meaningful One

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Updated on 15 Jan, 2018 at 4:06 pm


As New Year Eve approaches, everyone around is thinking about two things – New Year’s party and the New Year resolutions. A New Year resolution helps to focus on self-improvement and also gives you  chance to give up all your bad habits. To ensure a better and meaningful year ahead, here are some New Year resolutions you can take.


1. Stop judging people based on superficialities.

If you are judging them on irrelevant basis then it reflects the insecure part in you.

New Year resolution




2. Break the bad habits you have been nurturing for years.

Yes, the list includes smoking and drinking too.


3. Contribute time/money to some NGO and also spare some time for a good cause.


4. Opt for cycling or walking short distances.


5. If you have quit a goal, there can be no bigger New Year resolution than giving it a start once again.


6. Love is a four-lettered word, so what about adopting a pet? Get unconditional love by adopting a homeless one.


7. Include a set time for physical exercise and meditation.


8. You can simply learn a new language this year.

Learning a new language is a bonus to your personality.


9. If you have loved a person secretly, make a resolution to speak your mind and heart.


10. If you get used often, pledge to say, “No” for things you really do not want to do.


11. If your parents are getting older, it’s time you start to feel responsible towards them.


12. How about getting out of debt completely?

You should start repaying as and when you can.


13. Spend less time thinking about things that went wrong and spend more time on improving yourself.