19 Romantic Ways To Express Love That Will Melt Your Heart Right Away

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6:00 pm 7 Aug, 2015

So, you love someone but find it hard to express it? Stop worrying. You have reached the right place. Whosoever quoted “Love has no language” was partially correct. If you don’t express your love, then who will? Saying “I love you” is really cliché and overrated. Hence, for you, we have some beautiful lines which have more romantic impact than the three magical words. Without any further delay, here is the list…

1.’I feel so lucky to have you.’


2. ‘You’re the only one who makes me feel this way.’


3. ‘I wish I was there to see you.’


4. ‘I saw the best and worst in you and I’m willing to stay.’


5. ‘I wish this moment lasts forever.’


6. ‘It will always be you and me.’


7. ‘You’re my dream come true.’


8. ‘I feel butterflies in my stomach when I see you.’


9. ‘For you I will risk it all.’


10. ‘If this was all a dream, I’ll choose not to wake up.’


11. ‘I needed you to stay but you wanted me to let you go. So I did.’

12. ‘I still hope that someday you will come back to me.’


13. ‘I will always be there for you. Always.’


14. ‘You make me forget about all the sadness and pain.’


15. ‘I have died everyday waiting for you.’


16. ‘It will always be you and me.’


17. ‘I miss you all the time.’


18. ‘I will never hold anything back.’



19. ‘Though we are not together any more, but you are still part of me.’




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