This New Tune In Tik Tok Will Make You Shake A Leg Too. Watch Video!

12:13 pm 24 Nov, 2018


Tik Tok is one social media application which seems to have garnered a huge fan base in no time. Not even girls, but guys love this app too. For the uninitiated, Tik Tok is the revised version of musically. Do you remember now? Well, on this awesome platform allows you to make cool videos for a certain period of time. And when it comes to videos, dance and music cannot go unnoticed, can they? So, in this application, with the help of the background music (tune), you can produce great content.

Well, here’s the thing, there is a tune which is really getting popular on Tik Tok and is receiving a lot of love from the people. You must be wondering how? Well, people are making their dance videos on it after all. Yes, they are! And it seems that this new tune in Tik Tok is the real deal.




This tune is from a popular song (in Nepalese language) which goes by the name Sani Nari Sauna. Trust me, people are going really crazy about it. Well, their love for this tune seems to be obvious since they are using it in their videos too.



Take a look at the video in which people can be seen grooving on the awesome melody:



People are really enjoying it!




So, what do you think about this awesome tune? I bet this new tune in Tik Tok, can make anybody want to dance, don’t you think? Do you like this tune too? Reach out to us via the comments section!