These Are The New Rules Coach Anil Kumble Has Made For Team India

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1:04 pm 14 Jul, 2016

Anil Kumble, the new coach of Team India, is giving every bit of himself in helping make the Indian cricket team the best among others.

From bowling during practices to spending gala time with his players and knowing them better, Kumble is doing his best to prove that having experience is not everything!


Recently, Kumble enforced a few new rules for Team India to bring them back in discipline. As it is said, if you want to achieve your goals, you need to be disciplined and follow a routine. So, here are the new rules for team India.

1. If any player gets late for the team bus then he has to pay a $50 fine.

2. He wants to know his players well and has said that he is open for a chat anytime if anyone wants to discuss anything. Also, he said that an official meeting will be held every fourth day.

3. He has also made the support staff’s roles clear, for instance, masseurs have been given a fixed schedule and players can no longer barge in asking for massages.


4. Before leaving for their Caribbean tour, Kumble introduced the ‘buddy programme’ for the team in which they communicate, give feedback, and help each other after a session at the nets.

5. Not to make it a one-sided affair, Kumble has also asked the players to share their complaints and suggestions.

Anil Kumble is all set to prove himself the best choice for the post of the Indian team coach. Sources traveling with the team said:

Everything is organised. Kumble wants players to understand the importance of discipline and, at the same time, give them freedom. He knows where to draw the line. The Indian team is scheduled to go for scuba diving in the coming days. These small things have been kept for the players to unwind.



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