Will Artificial Pancreas Prove To Be A Game Changer In Treating Type 1 Diabetes?

7:23 pm 20 Apr, 2018


According to World Health Organization (WHO), in 2015, 69.2 million people in India were suffering from diabetes with persistently growing cases. Diabetes is caused due to no or less production of insulin in our body.

Every cell in the human body requires energy to function. The food we digest is broken down into carbohydrates and eventually glucose. To help the glucose to go from the blood into the cell, our pancreas releases a hormone called insulin. The production of insulin is essential without which the body will cease to function properly.




Uncontrolled diabetics can prove dangerous causing organ failure and even death. Thus, it’s essential to manage the glucose level in blood with help of external treatment. Among different types, the type 1 diabetes is such where the body stops producing insulin. This is when the patient becomes dependent on the external source of insulin.

Until now, the way to take insulin was by injection. However, the artificial pancreas opens up the opportunity to change all that and help the patients to get a worry-free life. It’s a small electronic device that sits outside the body of the patient but has tubed entering the bloodstream. Designed as a closed-loop system it calculates and pumps the amount of insulin required by the body. It operates in the same way as the real pancreas works for a human body without diabetes.



A study of 41 randomized controlled trials was conducted involving over 1,000 people with type 1 diabetes to compare the performance of this device with other insulin-based treatments. The results turned out impressive and promising, as reported by British Medical Journal.

The artificial pancreas showcases immense potential that may change the lives of millions around the world. However, the device still requires more work before being released as a mainstream treatment procedure.


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