This New ‘Creepy’ App Allows You To Stalk Your WhatsApp Contacts Without A Hint Of Worry

3:00 pm 4 Apr, 2018


Between the distraction of work e-mails, the constant updates about Facebook and the trending stories on Twitter, your days usually start with checking your phone. And by that, we mean even before you brush your teeth or start your day, you will be hooked to your phone for checking all new notifications and replies to all your chats.



It’s almost imperative to check your WhatsApp Messenger, a popular and free messaging application, which allows end-to-end encryption policy for the safety of the privacy of its users.




Unless used properly, it isn’t exactly a fountain of peace. All those annoying apps can actually download your information via WhatsApp and the settings need to be checked thoroughly.


However, speaking of privacy, something very alarming has come to notice. As unbelievable as it may sound, there’s one invasive app which might be doing you more harm than good, and it’s called ChatWatch. And it’s actually related to dear WhatsApp!


Can you imagine a new app which allows someone using WhatsApp to spy on you! Yes, you read it right – that’s exactly the sole purpose of this new app.



This app is apparently taking advantage of WhatsApp user’s public online/offline status feature – in a creepy way, instead. This means, it allows users to spy on their WhatsApp contacts, without them even knowing!



On its official website, the developers of ChatWatch claim that the app uses ‘artificial intelligence’ to help users find out information about their WhatsApp contacts.



It can tell how often their friends check WhatsApp, and when they’re available for chat. All you need to do is pay it $2 per week to monitor a pair of numbers and it will tell you when they are on or offline. Then you can easily spy upto ten people at a time. Choose your favourite 10!



It gets all this information seamlessly from your “Last Seen” status. It works by comparing your data to your contacts’ – and assume if both parties have been chatting.



According to its website, the artificial intelligence tells you when your partner/friend went to bed and how long they slept.



The app claims to let you view someone’s online history by ‘scrolling through their activity timeline‘ to see exactly when they were last online.


ChatWatch will let your mean bosses track/monitor your productivity by seeing how much time you spend on WhatsApp during working days. Now we don’t want that, do we?



Most likely, WhatsApp is expected to block ChatWatch from accessing its data soon. So, if you wish to avail its facilities before it’s too late, try it out soon! Currently, it’s available on android platform as “ChatW”.



Watch this video to understand a little more about what this app really does:




The app isn’t free, but it’s handy for the stalkers. Will you check it out and become a spy? Tell us in the comments below.

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