21 Typical Behaviors A Mother Can Change For A Better Relationship With Her Child

8:00 pm 13 May, 2015

1. Constant nagging

There is nothing more irritating for children than having moms breathing down their neck.


2. Hating all gaming consoles


3. Invading a teen’s personal space

Give them a break for Christ’s sake!


4. Trying to tabs on and know everything about grown-up children

Get yourself a life!


5. Being cold to children’s emotional needs


6. Never accepting you are wrong even when you know it


7. Using sarcasm to make your point


8. Passing on your prejudices to your children

They will regret that later in life and hate yourself for doing it.


9. Stopping children from expressing their views


10. Exposing your children to needless violence


11. Giving more importance to money than relationships or emotional needs of children


12. Interrupting children when they are in middle of something that is important to them


13. Considering raising children to be hell instead of enjoying the little time you get to spend with them


14. Instilling fear of you in the children for the sake of discipline


15. Forcing your children to live your dream because you could not live it yourself


16. Meting out corporal punishment to gain control over situations


17. Being over-dramatic to even simple revelations your child makes


18. Trying to replace your love with food


19. Making your children feel that you have done them a favor by bringing them into this world.


20. Not being honest with your children on important matters

It can ruin your relationship with them forever.


21. Trying to earn your children’s love by buying them gifts and material things.



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