15 Reasons Never To Marry An Engineer, If You Want A Happy Life

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11:30 am 17 Aug, 2018


Engineers! Can’t live with them, can’t let them live by themselves. They specialize in the psychotic. They are bizarre to the bone. And after spending 4 years in engineering colleges, they just become a breed of their own. So if you’re looking to get married, and prefer to have a partner who belongs to the same species as you, then here’s why an engineer must not even be your last choice. Before we take you through the reasons to prove why you should never marry an engineer, here are some of the tweets about them you will leave you in splits.


The ultimate motto!



Like an oasis in desert






Pride of the community



MBA is the key!



Did we make you laugh out loud? Now, here are the reasons that will motivate you to never marry an engineer.



1. First of all, they’re already married. To their gadgets. To each one of them



2. They literally cannot cook anything except Maggi




3. They don’t have the slightest clue on “How to Relationship”. Thanks to  pitiful sex ratio of engineering colleges



4. Cleanliness, to engineers, is an alien concept



5. Then there’s the fact that engineers are not even getting placed these days



6. And if by chance they’re placed, they’re going to be work bound for 18 hours. Rest, they will spend sleeping!



7. They have no idea how to handle babies. And that’s why engineers hate children



8. It is not possible to use ‘good romance’ and ‘engineer’ together in a sentence


good romance



9. An engineer’s day starts at 11:00 Am



10. You can tell them what to do months, even years in advance, they’ll still do it the day before it’s due




11. You’re going to have to be the one doing the heavy lifting. Because, fitness was never in their syllabus!



12. You’re going to have to bear with every single one of your engineer spouse’s crazy, tapori gang



13. Your child is going to spend his childhood understanding the Schrödinger’s Equations



14. They’ll make you binge watch the re-runs and the re-re-runs of their favourite TV shows



15. So, essentially you are raising a post pubescent child trapped in an adult’s body


Now you know the reasons why never marry an engineer, are you still ready to take a chance?