The New ‘Drug’ Exempted By Narcotics: DW

1:13 pm 10 Oct, 2018


The only thing I want while returning home from office is to hug my bed and sleep. However, my desire changes as I freshen up and open Netflix. Then binge watching follows! And not only Netflix but also random videos on YouTube never fails to give me company until it’s too late to get a proper night’s sleep. The picture seems familiar? Well, Netflix addiction or dependency on other digital content platforms is the ‘drug’ plaguing the new generation. Yes, DW or Digital World is indeed the new ‘drug’ that even the Narcotics departments cannot touch.

Recently, NIMHANS in Bengaluru officially treated its first case of Netflix addiction. Yes, a 26-year-old guy shut himself from the reality of life to devote his time completely to this video content site. It all started when the obligations and responsibilities of job and career stated piling up on him. To feel good, he decided to escape into the world of Netflix.




Not only Netflix but take up any such platform where a plethora of content is available just for you. Then the aspect of addiction is not so hard to imagine. Isn’t it?

There is a common notion that people who are introvert in nature or lack proper peer groups are the ones vulnerable to get this addiction. This is true to some extent, but not entirely. It is not only loneliness or lack of human companionship that drives someone towards this kind of addiction. Then why it happens?



Just like drug or video game addiction, the online streaming platforms are the easy way to escape from reality. Be it the feeling of stress, depression or sadness, binge-watching certainly makes us forget our real-life problems. It creates and lures us into a ’safe’ heaven that helps us escape our responsibilities, duties, or problems of life.


Addiction to the digital world like Netflix addiction is a way of escaping real life


No doubt this concept of escapism isn’t new. However, the modern tech has fueled and intensified this unhealthy behavior. Also, it turned into a part of mainstream culture, especially for the youths.

Till now, we wondered and gasped at numerous cases of online streaming addiction outside India but with the first case the threat is real in India too.



If you can’t stop watching Netflix, YouTube or other online video streaming platforms and it’s affecting your life, then you should consider it as a red flag.


It is better to slow down your galloping horse now and pay attention to your real life a little more. If your willpower fails you to stop this addiction then it’s better to take professional help. Personally, I feel I need to do it. What about you?