PM Modi Tweets Netaji’s Letter Urging Indians To Join The ‘Last Fight For Independence’

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2:04 pm 23 Jan, 2016

On the occasion of 119th Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 23 made public a letter that was issued by Netaji back in 1944.


The letter that was signed by Netaji, came out as a proclamation and urged fellow Indians to come forward and join the last fight for Independence.

A part of the proclamation read:

“We call upon every India to destroy the Anglo-American war effort in India by systematic sabotage and thereby hasten the successful conclusion of war of our country’s freedom. Sisters and brothers of India. This is a golden opportunity for you to fulfil your long cherished aspirations for freedom. If you rise to the occasion and do your duty, freedom will be yours before long. In this momentous crisis, India expects everyone to do his or her duty.”

PM Modi made the proclamation public via his Twitter account ‏@narendramodi  and also remembered Netaji on his birth anniversary. He said:


He then went on to share the picture of Netaji’s proclamation and added that it was a special day for all Indians and that he will himself visit the National Archives for the declassification of the files.



The National Archives of India is set to declassify 100 files and its digital copies that are related to Netaji’s life and the mystery surrounding his death.

The National Archives have already made it clear that these files would be digitised and given “preliminary conservation treatment.”


Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times – Files declassified by Bengal Govt. in 2015 

Though Netaji’s daughter Anita Bose Pfaff has already said that she won’t be able to make it for January 23rd’s declassification ceremony, other members of Netaji’s family attended the event.



Agencies – PM Modi with Bose’s Family on January 23, 2016

Declassification of these files are expected to shed light to many unanswered questions related to Netaji’s life and might also shed some light with regards to the claims that a UK based website made recently.

The website earlier this month had not only given testimonies with regards to Bose’s final days leading upto his death. But also disclosed records that had his cremation records. – A page from published cremation file 


Though Bose till recently found no mention in NCERT books, the young nationalist leader, who is fondly called  Netaji is considered one of the most prolific freedom fighter in India.

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