‘Earthquake T-shirts’ Becomes New Business Opportunity In Nepal

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4:15 pm 4 May, 2015


Can humans let go of any opportunity to earn profit? Well, it doesn’t seem so.

Just a week after earthquake, two brothers Tiken Limbu, 30, and Tenzing Nurbu Sherpa, 23, in Nepal have launched “earthquake T-shirts” that are being sold in stores in the country’s tourism capital, according to Hindustan Times report.


The T-shirt is available in two shades – black and white – and are selling like hot cakes among foreign tourists. Each is priced at Rs. 500 a piece.

In comparison, a Pashmina stole made of sheep’s wool sells for between Rs. 400 and Rs. 600.




Tiken, who has a degree in hotel management said:

“I came up with the idea the very second day after the earthquake. My brother helped me design it. After the death toll settles down, we will emboss on the back the final toll, with the inscription ‘God save Nepal’.”


The earthquake killed more than 7,000 and flattened large parts of Nepal. The brothers are yet to speak on what they plan to do with the money.



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