Crossed Border For Girl He Loved, Mumbai Engineer Is Now In Pakistani Jail

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5:32 pm 15 Jan, 2016

An Indian engineer from Mumbai who went missing after he traveled to Pakistan on November 10, 2012, has been found. Pakistani authorities have said that he is in army custody and is facing trial.

Nehal Hamid Ansari, 28, crossed borders and went to Pakistan’s Kohat district back in 2012. He was looking for a girl with whom he had fallen in love.


 The name of Ansari, who is son of a Mumbai-based school teacher Fauzia Ansari, emerged at a Pakistan jail and when contacted, his mother confirmed to media that her son was arrested there over three years ago.

The news about Ansari was reported earlier by an Indian newspaper, who in turn had found out about him through a news report in Pakistani newspaper Dawn.

DAWN had reported about investigating officer Sajjad Khan (of Kohat police station) contacting the Peshawar High Court about arresting a 28-year-old man Nehal Hamid Ansari and shifting him to the Kohat Development Authority (KDA) police station for interrogation.


After reading DAWN’s report, an Indian newspaper approached Nehal’s mother Fauzia, who not only confirmed it but also added:

“We last spoke to him on November 10, 2012, when he told us that he would be returning soon as the visit to Afghanistan was not fruitful. However, after November 15, when his phone was not reachable, we lodged a complaint at the Versova police station.”

She also told them that her son was now facing court-martial on unspecified charges in Pakistan. – Representational Image 

Nehal’s father in the past had met External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who in turn had given them a positive response.

The story about the Pakistani girl was found by Fauzia when she was going through her son’s emails.


She said that through Nehal’s mails she realised that her son wanted to help a girl in Pakistan who was being oppressed by community leaders.

On finding about the girl, Fauzia, filed a petition in the Pakistani court stating that her son was in Afghanistan in November 2012 looking for a job and had only entered Pakistan to help a distressed girl.


She further added that her son found out about the girl when they got in touch via Facebook and he then went on to enter Pakistan without a visa on the advice of few Pakistani friends who said it would be okay.

Since then Nehal has been in Pakistan jail, with the aggrieved mother even appealing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to help them out and secure her son’s release.


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