Neha Sharma Shuts Down The Trolls As Her Fake Picture With A Sex Toy Goes Viral

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5:28 pm 25 Jun, 2018


Bollywood celebs, especially women, are easy targets on the internet. They are trolled for the opinions they put out and body-shamed for the clothes they choose to wear. It is like their freedom to express themselves is being harassed day after day. We recently saw the fuss that Anushka Sharma’s littering video created. Though trolling is very predominant these days, but things got worse for actress Neha Sharma. It all started when her morning selfie went viral on the internet.

The reason for its massive virality was that her photo had a sex toy in it. Well, we know that Indians cannot handle anything that is not sanskaari.


Who is ‘his’ here, btw?




Eagerness? I mean, seriously?


Just another hater.




Seeing the selfie, it looked a bit obvious that her picture has been morphed, thus, when things went out of control, she tweeted the actual photo, and it was a tight slap for everyone who disgraced her.


This is how she replied like a boss:


People supported and credited for making things clear since her fake pictures were making headlines:

Through this, we can easily conclude that how much forgery exists on the internet, and how people are more allured by it. Just for sake of virality, we are mocking someone’s privacy, and making a joke of it. How lame!