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Man Asked South Actress Neha Saxena For A One Night Stand, And Her Reply Was Epic

Published on 24 November, 2018 at 1:31 pm By

Women, in general, face the unsolicited behaviour by men in form of lewd comments and pictures and actresses too are unsafe from all of this. Recently Malayalam actress Neha Saxena became the victim of indecent behaviour on social media, but instead of ignoring the disgust she decided to give it back. Neha has gained popularity through her roles in Mammootty starer film, Kasaba and Mohanlal starer Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol.

A man on WhatsApp messaged her P.R. Manager to inquire if she is available for a one night stand. On this, she messaged back in an epic reply. Read it below:


“Let me take to media now and make you a little famous. The way you treat women.”



She took a screenshot of the Whatsapp message and posted it on her official Facebook and Instagram page. Initially, she wasn’t able to track who the person was, but later she succeeded.


Neha Saxena reply

This was the message sent by the man.


Neha Saxena shared the message


Neha Saxena requested her followers to help her to find the man. Within hours the man was traced along with his profile on social media. He is an employee in the UAE. Neha Saxena also remarked that she feels pity for the man because being married to another woman, how could he behave in such a way. She also added that there should be no more #MeToo.


Neha Saxena fans



Neha Saxena has done the perfect thing. The social media is a place which makes everything possible with its fast pace but if the dignity of a woman is dented then she has all the right to give it back. Weeks back TV actress Munmun also gave a befitting reply to a lewd comment on her picture. Let us know of your views on the same.



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