Troll Compared Neha Dhupia’s Dress To A Curtain, And Her Reply Is As Sassy As It Can Be

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10:14 pm 13 Apr, 2018


The social media is a different world altogether, and trolling is one of its trademarks. Every time a women celebrity shares a photo which seems to be aesthetic, next moment, an army of ‘trollers’ attack her with lewd and weird comments. And their latest target is actress Neha Dhupia.




Neha Dhupia recently wore a gown with a frilly end at the Femina Miss North India event. Surprisingly, one of her fans thought that her dress was like a cinema curtain.

This is what he said:

Neha Dhupia is one actress who makes sure that her ‘troller’ is taught a lesson or two. Thus, she replied in the sassiest way possible.


Not only this, one perverted mind preached her about life and received some free ka gyaan.  



The queen Neha Dhupia deserves all the praise for this.