Actress Neha Dhupia Announced Her Pregnancy, And Expectedly Twitterati Are Judging Her

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2:15 pm 26 Aug, 2018


Around three months back, actors Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia had a beautiful low-profile marriage in a Gurudwara in South Delhi. It was kind of unexpected, but we were left both happy and surprised by this news. The couple broke this news on May 10. With wishes coming from all corners, there were trolls ridiculing them due to their age gap.

The bottom line is that people always find ways to troll celebrities primarily to get attention and spread negativity.



Now, though Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia are happily married and enjoying their rosy phase, Twitterati have found another idiotic reason to defame them.



Neha Dhupia recently confirmed about her pregnancy with a beautiful post with her hubby and ended all the rumors.



It is very obvious to say that Neha Dhupia was pregnant while she got married, but there is nothing wrong or undesirable about it. But in India, nothing is valued more than sanskaars. Right? Thus, some so-called cultured people posted uncultured comments on their post. What an irony! This is what they said:


So what?


This boy ain’t getting married ever



For him, months is like days. Oh..he is Superman!



Here comes a marriage consultant



What does a jobless man do? He just comments!



Well, people will say what they want to say, you just keep your swag up Neha!



Haters gonna hate anyway!