Neetu Kapoor Apologized To Salman Khan’s Sister-In-Law Seema Khan During Sonam’s Wedding For This Reason

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2:53 pm 14 May, 2018


Sonam Kapoor’s wedding was one grand, happy wedding. All the Bollywood stars gathered on this special night, and we saw the glimpses of their joyful moments through viral videos and Instagram photos. But this was just the bright side. No Bollywood occasion ends without a controversy, and the same happened here.




During the wedding reception, all the stars were under one roof which included Rishi Kapoor and Salman Khan as well. According to media reports, Rishi Kapoor was miffed when Salman Khan didn’t greet him respectfully at the ceremony.

Being blunt and honest, Rishi Kapoor had a furious argument over this with Sohail Khan’s wife, Seema Khan.  Reports suggest that Seema was upset with the Rishi Kapoor’s behavior, and thus spoke to Salman about it. Salman was left infuriated, too, and looked out to have a word for him.



Salman was unable to find him as he had left the venue but noticing this drama, Neetu Kapoor had to intervene and apologized to Seema and Sohail on behalf of her husband.




Well, Neetu Kapoor did the right thing to end the matter, and on the hopeful side, we wish Rishi Kapoor finally learned his lesson.

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