Neetu Chandra Is Angry Because Stand-up Comedian Zakir Khan Allegedly Insulted Biharis

5:41 pm 3 Dec, 2017


Neetu Chandra, who is known for her performances in films such as ‘Traffic Signal’ and ‘Garam Masala’, is now quite successful as a Bhojpuri film producer. Though she has not done a single Hindi movie since 2011, Neetu has been giving special appearances in south Indian films. One of the films she produced in Maithili, ‘Mithila Makhaan’, won the National Award at the 63rd National Film Awards.


In fact, Neetu’s ‘Mithila Makhaan’ was the first Maithili film to have been made. So obviously, she can take pride in her work.


A still from ‘Mithila Makhaan’.


What is also noteworthy is that she is one of the few actresses who has never landed in any kind of controversy, until now.

Neetu recently posted a tweet expressing outrage over stand-up comedian Zakir Khan. She was miffed at the alleged insult of Biharis by the comedian. Khan is a very famous comic on the circuit and his acts are appreciated by many.


A still from ‘Mithila Makhaan’. Saymore

This is what Neetu wrote:

Note that she tagged Bihar chief minister and deputy chief minister as well:

“How dare u make fun of my state calling d people of my #Bihar ugly n of course as usual we #Biharis keep quite on stupid n literally ugly man in n out @Zakirism #press  @NitishKumar @SushilModi #Padmavati issue is not an insult 2 us but HE IS !! CHECK DS”

But what did Khan say? This is the video of Khan’s performance which left Neetu enraged. It should be noted that the video is from his performance in 2014.



She received support of many on social media:

But there were some people who challenged Neetu, yet she responded to most of them:

But according to News18, Khan had already commented on the issue saying that he understood the sensitivity. He has since refrained from making such references in his performances.


Khan has not yet taken to Twitter to comment on the recent controversy. What do you think? Is Neetu right in her condemnation of Zakir?

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