10 Ways The Movie ‘Neerja’ Changed The Way We See Life

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7:21 pm 1 Mar, 2016

On 5 September 1986, the tranquility of the day was murdered by four armed terrorists who hijacked Pan Am Flight 73, flying from Mumbai to USA. These merciless hijackers were prepared well but were unprepared for Neerja Bhanot, the fearless woman who was destined to bring their terror to death.

The movie beautifully portrays the heroic act of Neerja, tenseness among the passengers and screams of the wounded heightened by calling on the gods for help. This is Sonam Kapoor’s finest performance and also, she had none other than the legendary Shahbana Azmi to support her.

After leaving the cinema hall, we all introspected about the way we are leading our life:


1. Only fear has the ability to take away your strength and give you strength.

Fear is the most powerful thing. It stops and pushes you at the same time. Our every action consciously or unconsciously is governed by fear.

The fear of losing our loved ones gives us the power to give more love and affection to them. In the same way, the fear of watching our dreams fade away with time motivates us to work harder. Neerja feared for her passengers in danger and this driving fear gave her the strength to fight for them.


2. There is a hero in each one of us.

Yes, it’s true. But what separates you from being a loser and a hero is your ability to think right. If you mind is clouded with jealousy, hatred and anger, then that hero will never wake up. Your wisdom will unleash the hero in you.

3. Every great act of humanity comes from being selfless.

We are naturally programmed to be selfish. But there comes a moment in everyone’s life when our egoistic mind shuts down and the heart takes the final call and this is what happened with Neerja as well. Her humane act deserves all the applause.


4. In the end, whatever happened with Neerja Bhanot was unfortunate but she was the chosen one.

God plans the lives of his chosen ones differently. They are here for a purpose and after that, they are blessed to rest under the shades of heaven. Only a girl like Neerja could have sacrificed her life to save the passengers. God had written a short but a glorious script for her.

5. We can’t imagine what a mother goes through when her daughter is caught in such critical situations.

The pain of a mother is impossible to describe because even thought the deep-rooted connection between a mother and daughter becomes more stronger in such a situation, the thread that holds them together challenges the faith of the Almighty.


6. Everyday is special, so don’t let the idea of tomorrow ruin the present.

You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Let your life surprise you with its unpredictable nature. Some people find it hard to live each day as their last because they believe that they have another tomorrow to change themselves.


7. A woman has way more power to sacrifice than men.

Woman was born to give and spread love. Only a woman could have done what Neerja did. It’s because of her instincts that plane could not take-off and the pilot’s life was saved. In the end, she put her life in danger, helping other passengers to get out safely.


8. How you want to be remembered is your choice.

You are not here to survive on your own. No matter what you think about yourself, at the end of the day, you want people to acknowledge the right and honesty in you. This depends on how gracefully you bring the change that people want to see.

9. We need to learn to say, “No”.

‘No’ signifies that I am not here to tolerate sh*t. This word draws the line between what is right and what is wrong. Never sacrifice your self-respect if you standing along with the truth.


10. If you not enjoying your life then you are simply dying.

Life is anyway getting over, so it’s better to enjoy till you have it. The passage of time flows too fast, giving us just few moments of happiness and within those peaceful moments, you live a lifetime of contentedness.

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