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Why Grandparents Are Necessary In Your Life

Published on 29 October, 2015 at 10:00 am By

Grandparents are vital for every family. Not only because they have much more experience than any of us but also due to the support system they provide to every growing child. Agreed? Let’s recount all those reasons:



1. Stories

Grandparents are the best storytellers ever. Every child loves to have a story on demand before going to sleep.



2. Grandma’s pickles

My food is incomplete without pickles made by her.


3. Head massage or oiling


Are you dead tired? Don’t worry if you have a grandmother to give you that instant doze of rejuvenation via her head massage.


4. Walks

As a child, almost everyone has gone out for walks with their grandparents and no denying, that’s the best walk ever.


5. Arm wrestling or thumb fights

Remember those friendly matches when your dear grandparents always let you win?



6. Going to fairs

Want candy floss, toy cars or to climb up that swing? Let your grandparents know. They will be ready. Always.



7. Money

Grandparents are the perfect banks a child could have.



8. Food

Yummy food prepared by grandma is pure bliss.


9. Parents’ childhood stories

Childhood is best spent when you grow up knowing the troubles your parents caused in their childhood.


10. Family in a real sense

They complete the family.

11. Lessons from their experiences

Experiences of grandparents are treasured for life.

12. Best people to reach out to

Especially if your parents are both working.


13. Refuge from parent’s scolding

14. Solution to all problems


15. Always a great joy to learn from them


16. Best playmates no matter what

Ludo, chess, monopoly. They are always up for it.



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