Kejriwal Warns TV Channels Not To Speak Against BJP After NDTV Ban But Gets Educated By Twitterati

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1:45 pm 4 Nov, 2016

The government has banned a leading channel, NDTV, for revealing strategically sensitive information during the coverage of Pathankot attack. This attack was carried out on 2nd January, and the channel covered several sensitive pieces of information like helicopters, mortars, fighter planes , fuel-tanks and ammunition.



As per the ministry, NDTV will not air on any platform in India from 00:01 hrs on 9th November 2016 till 00:01 hrs of 10th November 2016. This news brought a storm over social media and Twitter started talking.

Such critical action against media gave another chance to Delhi’s CM to point a finger towards the BJP government.



He soon warned other channels with this tweet…


His tweets got attacked by BJP Bhakts…

Kejriwal’s parody account uploaded a video of Kejriwal’s old press conference in which he stated that the whole media is corrupt!


What a hypocrite Delhi has chosen…


Sir, apko dukh to bahut hoga…


There were people who pointed out the fundamental right to speech. Many even asked NDTV to challenge this in court…





The right and the wrong is yet to be decided. This act has challenged the media’s freedom but people need to understand that it’s for the nation’s benefit. What is your opinion? Is Kejriwal correct? Do share your views in the comments section below.



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