NCW Chairperson Says Popular Front of India’s Sainaba Is Behind Several Forcible Conversions In Kerala

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4:57 pm 9 Nov, 2017


National Commission for Women (NCW) acting chairperson Rekha Sharma believes A.S. Sainaba, president, National Women’s Front (NWF), is behind conversions of several Hindu women in Kerala, to Islam. Sainaba was also accused of proving a hideout for those converting to Islam.

Sharma said she had met parents of some of the converted women, and they said Sainaba was behind the conversions.

A.S. Sainaba, president, National Women’s Front (NWF) newsminute

Sainaba is accused of being the self-appointed ‘guardian’ of Akhila Asokan alias Hadiya, a 24-year-old woman and a graduate in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, who converted to Islam and married a Muslim man Shafin Jahan.

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Following the marriage, Akhila’s parents moved the Kerala High Court in 2016 alleging that she was radicalised and converted to Islam and forcibly married to a Muslim man. The High Court annulled the marriage, after which Hadiya’s husband Shafin Jahan moved the Supreme Court, which in turn asked the NIA to investigate the ‘love jihad’ case.

In its preliminary report, the NIA said there was an “organised effort” behind the conversion. The NIA had mentioned that Akhila’s case was similar to that of Athira Nambiar, another Hindu woman who converted to Islam at the religious centre in Kozhikode. The federal anti-terror agency is now scrutinising 32 cases which involves Hindu women who converted to Islam and married Muslim men.

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According to NIA, the common accused in the two cases was Akhila’s “mentor” Sainaba who supposedly lured her into embracing Islam with the help of activists linked to Islamic outfits Popular Front of India (PFI), Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and Markazul Hidaya ‘Sathyasarani’. Satyasarini is an institute that provides religious education and assistance to neo-converts.


As per the NIA report, the Kilikollur police had registered three criminal cases against Shafin. The report also mentions his association with Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and Manseed Muhammad, a charge sheeted accused in Islamic State’s Omar Al-Hindi module case probed by NIA.

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