Nawazuddin’s Wife Advised Nawaz To Withdraw His Memoir And Here Is The Reason Why

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4:09 pm 3 Nov, 2017


Nawazuddin Siddiqui is unarguably one of the finest actors of this generation. His brilliance as a performer needs no introduction. Many of us were aware of his prolonged struggle in Bollywood but very less was known about his personal life.

In his recently released memoir, ‘The Ordinary Life’, a lot of his personal relationships were uncovered and they became the talk of the town. His exes lashed out at him for revealing about their affairs and soon, the book became infamous within just a few days of its release.



Actress Niharika Singh, who worked with him in ‘Miss Lovely’, accused the actor of fabricating stories and manipulating a fleeting relationship. She told,

Nawaz and I had a brief relationship in 2009 during the making of Miss Lovely that lasted less than a few months. So today when he paints me as a woman in fur enticing him into her bedroom with candles, or desperately calling him and mailing other women on his behalf, I can only laugh. He obviously wants to sell his book and it would appear that he is willing to exploit and disrespect a woman just to do so.

Also, his another ex-girlfriend, Sunita Rajawar, slammed the book for promoting “extraordinary lies”.


Seeing these negative reactions, it was Nawazuddin’s wife, Anjali, who told him to withdraw the book. A close source to Nawaz says,

He never realized that his words would be taken so badly. It was Anjali who reminded him that correcting the damage was not impossible. She suggested he apologize and withdraw the book. And he did.


Plus, he further added why Nawaz’s personal details were misunderstood,

It wasn’t an easy decision. The past few days have not been easy on Nawaz. He has been deeply troubled by the effect the words in his biography had on two of his female friends. The truth is, his command over the English language is inadequate, so perhaps the memoir should have been written in Hindi. The excerpts where he went into alleged details of his relationships with two female friends came across as tasteless and should never have gone into the book. But Nawaz depended, to a large extent, on his co-author Rituparna Chatterjee in putting across his thoughts. Now he feels he should have curbed his flights of fancy.