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Nawazuddin Slams Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Desperate To Work In Hollywood

Published on 21 June, 2017 at 4:56 pm By

Embracing the thug life, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is getting kinda open about his opinions and has started voicing his views quite openly. The actor who is famous for his intense and bindass acting, has recently said something that was much-needed!



These days, Nawaz is loved more for his outspokenness than the roles he chooses. His outspoken nature has again brought him in the limelight. The actor was asked about his views on working in the Hollywood films and his answer just clean bowled us. This hard-hitting answer is now going viral on social media and people are actually agreeing with the actor’s views.

Speaking to the media, Nawaz made it clear that he will never go to Hollywood seeking work.

I shall never go to the West just to seek work. If at all Hollywood filmmakers feel I am capable enough to perform exuberantly on the Hollywood silver screen, then it’s they who need to approach me for work.

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Slamming Bollywood celebrities who are desperate to work in Hollywood these days, Nawazuddin Siddiqui said,

Our own peers from Bollywood in comparison feel our films are much smaller than Hollywood. They themselves try to push boundaries in order to make themselves available to be working in Hollywood films. No sooner do they get offers for the smallest possible role, their mouth starts watering. I am not only happy about being a part of Bollywood industry but also proud about working in Hollywood. But I am not keen on getting the Hollywood trade mark


Nawaz has struck the right chord and people really need to hear the music that he is trying to sing. There is no need to run towards the West, rather one should try and make changes here itself. Work harder and try to make Bollywood reach the level where Hollywood is today!



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