Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Ex-Girlfriend Revealed A Secret About The Actor, And Has Left Everyone Questioning His Character

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6:06 pm 29 Oct, 2017


There is no iota of doubt that Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a brilliant actor. He has single-handedly turned the profit table for several movies. In 2011, he won the National Film Award for the movie ‘Dekh Indian Circus’. Some of his best work was showcased in the movies like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, ‘Talaash’, ‘Peepli Live’ and ‘Black Friday’.


Nawazuddin in a scene from Gangs of Wasseypur Filmi Beat

Recently, the ace actor released his memoir titled ‘An Ordinary Life’ and it has already ruffled some feathers. In the book, Siddiqui has revealed about his affairs with many fellow actresses. Actress Niharika Singh has already accused the actor of fabricating stories and manipulating a fleeting relationship. Singh has alleged that the actor did so to make his book famous and fly off the shelves.



Actress Niharika Singh with Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Now, another ex-girlfriend of Siddiqui, actress Sunita Rajawar has slammed the book for its “extraordinary lies”. In his book, Siddiqui wrote that although both Rajwar and he are alumni of National School of Drama, they never met there.


Sunita Rajawar. YouTube

Siddiqui wrote in his book:

Every day, she would come over, hang out at my house in Mira Road and scrawl our names in tiny font all over the wall.


He further mentioned that Rajawar decided to end their deep and passionate relationship after a trip to her parents. This devastated him to such an extent that he contemplated suicide and had become depressed. He also mentioned that the reason why Rajawar ended the relationship was the fact that she wanted to be with someone successful and not someone who was a struggling, desperate actor who was out of work.


Siddiqui with his wife Anjali. Sekho

This accusation has not gone well with Rajawar who took to Facebook to write her side of the story. The actress tagged the memoir as “An Ordinary Life of Extraordinary Lies”. She also revealed the real reason for their breakup.

Here are some excerpts:

“Nawaz has written many things from his own imagination as well as changed facts to show himself in a positive light. With great skill, he has called himself a bad person and with the same skill, he has blamed it on women, especially me, because according to him, I was the reason he stopped believing in love and women and all his emotions died…

He was one year senior to me at NSD, so it’s obvious that we crossed paths. Yes, there was nothing romantic between us back then, but to say that we never met is bizarre…

I did not leave you because you were poor, but because of your poor way of thinking.”

Sunita wrote that the real reason why she ended the relationship was that she came to know that Siddiqui was sharing the details of their intimate relationship with common friends and making fun of it. She went to say that Siddiqui doesn’t respect women and called him a “sympathy seeker”.

You can read the entire post here:


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