A British Pakistani Put Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif On Sale Because He Is ‘Useless’

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12:42 pm 15 Apr, 2016


We can never even think of doing something like that because our PM is doing a lot for us.


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Well, even the thought of putting a price tag on the head of the state or government is simply ridiculous. Unless, the leader is worthless to his own people.

A British Pakistani is getting all the applause for putting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif up for sale on ebay because of an obvious reason.



Screenshot of the ebay page where the Pak PM was shown on sale.

The description of product Sharif says it all: “Useless Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif for sale.”

Just to let you know, not everyone is happy with Sharif in his home country. And especially after the Panama Papers disclosure in which the names of all his three children cropped up, things have been pretty tight for the Pakistani premier.




The ebay advertisement, which has now been taken down, described Sharif’s condition as “New with defects”.

By the time it went off the e-commerce site, product Sharif’s bid value had risen to 66,200 pounds or Rs.62 lakh approximately.

The ad also took a dig at Sharif’s frequent foreign tours: “Usually found in England, America and Turkey more than in Pakistan. All business, properties and family in London but still wants to be a Prime Minister in Pakistan.”


PM Sharif


And the honest seller warns the prospective buyer that the product is “not in working condition. It never worked. It was faulty and corrupt by birth.”

We love you, Pakistan, for one of you just identified your leader’s worth. Our PM, on the other hand, does a lot of good work and that is why we are proud of him.