Nawazuddin Siddiqui Uses A Unique Irrigation Technique To Bring “Rainfall” To His Village

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3:43 pm 13 Jun, 2016


Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s recent visit to Cannes this year turned out to be an informative trip. The actor befriended a few Frenchmen who invited the actor to visit their farms in Nice. During his visit, he noticed that almost every kind of crop in France was being irrigated using a water-efficient technique called center pivot irrigation.


The actor often practices farming  in his village at Budhana. Recently, the UP Government conducted a research that marked Budhana in the ‘dark zone’ showing its sinking water levels (220 feet under the ground) and predicted that in the coming years, it would reach 400 feet below the ground.

However, using this innovative method of irrigation which comprises of a transformer with wheels and elevated pipes jutting out of the contraption with rotating nozzles fitted within a gap of a couple of feet from each other will consume less than half the quantity of water used by conventional techniques of irrigation.



Farmers too welcomed this idea as this technique will make the grains healthier when they are watered from the top.

Nawaz said:

“The best way to explain this technology to the farmers was to ask them which is the best way to irrigate land. Everyone agreed that natural rainfall was the best option and this technique recreates the sprinkle of rainfall.”


Nawaz be like:



Source: TOI.