When Navya Naveli Nanda Caught Her Grandmother Jaya Bachchan Cheating

5:15 pm 20 Nov, 2018


Bollywood actor and Samajwadi Party leader Jaya Bachchan appears to be a very strong personality and someone who abides by the rules all the time. Many times she has asked the media persons to maintain dignity. It makes her someone who will never cheat but her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda has caught her cheating! Yes, she herself revealed this recently in a ceremony.

Jaya Bachchan attended the book launch function in Mumbai along with Amitabh Bachchan. On a question asked about the children’s stories, she narrated an incident related to her granddaughter Navya.

Jaya revealed:

“I used to create many types of stories for her when she was a kid and often when we tell stories of children we use the same raja-rani stories with a little different twist.”




Jaya used to add new things to the story. She had to tell the story to both of the kids of Shweta Nanda. She used to repeat the story. And one-night Navya caught her and said:

 “Nanny, cannot we hear any new story today?”


Mentioning the books she further added:

 “Sometimes in Bachchan house the books already read are sent to the library of the schools. Then I get to know from the school that Amitabh sir has taken all of them back. Now the book shelf is filled with books and some are even scattered on the ground. ”



Amitabh Bachchan also mentioned the criticism he receives in the same ceremony. 

Big B said: “It is good if I get negative criticism about my writing because that means people have read my work. Because if anyone does not see our work then it is very bad.”




Navya definitely caught her grandmother and sharing this incident Jaya Bachchan did pass on the importance of stories and books. BTW what stories did you like in your childhood?