Wake-up India! 7 Times National Gold Medalist Weightlifter Is Selling Tea To Survive

Updated on 3 Sep, 2018 at 7:57 pm


Heroes are often forgotten, not just because they do something different from everyone else, they do so much that is taken for granted. Some rot in poverty, others merely consider themselves cataclysmic, and loose even their slightest of hopes. Thanks to the mere acceptance of wobbly government policies, lack of information and demeaning quality of life, all in our consciousness. We live in a country where poor hits the lowest levels of deficit and rich becomes well-heeled. Sad to know that conditions of forgotten sports-persons in India is no less that a nightmare.

We lately came across a story of a 23-year-old lady, a gold-medalist weightlifter, who has seven national awards to her name.

Much to the irony, she now sells tea in an unknown settlement of the country, just to feed her family, poverty damaged her like a ‘catastrophe’. Santosh (from Sonipat), who won seven gold medals on national and state level is now an un-recognized face.


Her life came to a stand-still, when once she hurt her leg during practices, which later became a reason for her to leave the sport. Her plight was not only limited to her poor financial conditions, she was the only person to earn a daily bread in order to feed her family. Under limited resources, she started selling tea, just to see her dreams decaying with each day, as she survived.


Santosh usually dedicates her whole day in becoming a helping hand to his father. Meanwhile, she wrestles part-time and has almost given up on her studies due to lack of money. According to her father, she once had dreams to represent India as a weightlifter. While, she keeps writing to the Government of Haryana, pleading to fund her so that she can get physically fit again.


Santosh’s story is one example out of 1000s of stories, where fiscal baggage ruins someone’s entire career. Will government ever take charge for people who spend days and nights in bringing glories and reputation to their motherland?