Astrophysicist Abhas Mitra’s Decade Old Black Hole Theory Proved True By NASA’s Observation

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6:03 pm 25 Nov, 2015

In a recent observation by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA), giant flares of X-rays were seen from a black hole.

According to Indian astrophysicist, Abhas Mitra, the observation in turn confirms his theory that he made over a decade ago that black holes are not truly “black holes” but in reality they are ultra hot balls of fire like the Sun.

In 2014, famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hwaking too had stated that ‘there are no black holes.’

Many mainstream astrophysicists say that when ‘extremely massive stars collapse into ultra compact objects called black holes whose gravitational field is so powerful that even light cannot escape from its imaginary boundary called “event horizon”.

The theory further states that this “event horizon” shuts everything within itself and allows nothing – not even light – to escape from within its boundary.


Also any object crossing the ‘event horizon’ would get forever trapped and crushed inside into a point of ‘singularity’ and thus destroy all the information about the object as well.


Mitra in turn had stated that the above theory directly conflicts with the laws of quantum physics that states that information can never be completely wiped out and thus making the Black Hole an “information loss paradox”.

After more than a decade, Mitra’s theory has finally found some proof earlier this year when two of NASA’s space telescopes caught a huge burst of X-ray spewing out of a super massive black hole.

The uniqueness of this giant flare was that it appeared to have been triggered by the eruption of a massive corona that charged particles from the “black hole”.

The event thus contradicted black holes’s ‘Event Horizon’ theory that nothing can get out of a black hole.

When Mitra was asked about this event by Times of India, the astrophysicist stated that NASA’s observation had only bolstered his theory that “true” black holes do not exist and that the so-called black holes were in fact hot balls of magnetized plasma that is ionized gas stripped of electrons.

He further explained that as the massive star contracted to the size of a black hole, the radiation trapped inside exerted an outward force that countered the gravitational pull.

This counteraction thus resulted into a state of eternal contraction with an infinitesimally slow rate. He then stated:

“Thus, instead of true black holes predicted by Einstein’s theory, we proposed that massive stars end up as balls of fire — termed Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Objects or MECOs.”

He then added that NASA’s X-Ray flares observation can thus be most naturally explained by the above MECO paradigm.

In MECO paradigm ‘Gas streams pulled inward by gravity get extremely hot by friction and may radiate X-rays,’ and he the proof for the above theory has been published   in leading peer-reviewed journals in beginning of the year 2000.

He then happily added that the “latest astrophysical observation by NASA should prompt astrophysicists to take a closer look at the MECO paradigm.”


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