These Kashmiri Students Create Prototype Of ‘Curiosity Rover’ Using Scrap

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6:45 pm 30 Nov, 2015


A group of students from Kashmir have developed a prototype of ‘Curiosity Rover’ sent to Mars by NASA.

Shuaib Shafi, Shahnawaz Koul and Api Athar Abdali started working on this project last year as a part of their B-Tech final semester.

They worked day and night to make this project into a reality. These students were fascinated by the Mars vehicle ‘Curiosity Rover,’ so they decided to work on it to make a prototype which can be used for smaller tasks.

According to Shuaib the team used scrap for most of the utility parts and assembled the model with the help of their teachers at Bhutta College of Engineering, Ludhiana in Punjab.

Shuaib explained that the idea was to create a prototype resembling NASA’s Mars vehicle with latest technology for use on earth to employ in defense purposes.

Abdali, one of members of the team is confident that the prototype will work out nicely as Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for use in defense and other purposes


“It can be used on Mars as well but we need a huge fund to make it feasible for the planet.”

Shuaib and Shahnawaz hail from Srinagar’s Khayyam area, and Abdali is from Punjab.

The project is a prototype and in a preliminary stage.


Weighing about 18 kg, its size is one fourth of the Curiosity Rover and has cost about Rs 80,000 (the trio’s pocket money of three years).

Syed Fazal Kashani, president, Kashmir Student Parliament (KSP), which organised the function, said they want to reduce the “mistrust” among Kashmiri youth and create a platform for them to pursue their interest in all streams of education.

“There is a wrong image created in media regarding the Kashmiri youth and by organising and supporting such events, we want to clear that false perception.”


Waheed-ur-Rehman Parra, Political Analyst to J&K Chief Minister was the chief guest on the occasion. He said that “Kashmiri students are at par with rest of world provided given genuine opportunities.”