Narsingh Yadav’s Name Sent For Rio Olympics; Sushil Kumar Accused Of Misusing Public Funds

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5:05 pm 3 Jun, 2016


The spat between Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar and the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) turned ugly on June 2 when the latter told the Delhi High Court that they had already named wrestler Narsingh Yadav as India’s representative in 74kg freestyle category for Rio Olympics 2016.

The Wrestling Federation disclosed that they had sent Yadav’s name for the mega event on May 3 itself as he had qualified for it.


The Quaint

Wrestler Narshigh Yadav. The Quint

Meanwhile, Justice Manmohan questioned Kumar’s counsel if he had won anything since 2014 or if he was even in form after August 2014.


The Education Post

Wrestler Sushil Kumar. The Education Post


Kumar, who is a two-time Olympic medal winner, was seeking direction from Delhi High Court so as to get WFI to hold trials in the 74kg category, which could enable him to secure a berth in the Indian wrestling squad for Rio.

The WFI told the court that when Sushil Kumar was sent to Georgia along with other Indian wrestler, he had chosen to leave the Indian camp and instead join and train with the Georgian national team.


They accused that by doing this Sushil “misappropriated and misused public money” as the government had sent him to ‘train with the Indian Camp and not to stay away from them.”

The WFI counsel further added that WFI “loved” both Sushil Kumar and Narsingh Yadav, but they can’t do injustice to the latter by sending Sushil.


Narsingh Yadav and Sushil Kumar training together Indian Express

File photo of Narsingh Yadav and Sushil Kumar training together. Indian Express

They added that Narsingh’s name was sent for Rio Olympic on May 3 along with all the athletes’ name which should have ended all speculations.

The court also took note that as per National Sports Code, trials were not necessary and Sushil could not claim it was a “statutory mandate”.


After hearing both the sides Justice Manmohan then went on to reserve his order for June 6 and the final decision would now be given on Monday.