Nope, Nargis Farkhri Ain’t No Heartbroken Girl To Go Back To USA Forever

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4:04 pm 28 Jul, 2016

Gossip vine has been ripe with news of Nargis Fakhri quitting Bollywood to settle in the USA forever. Reason?

“Of course, she’s heartbroken!” say the voices.



Na na, Nargis ain’t the one to take that, guys!

The actress has now destroyed these ”baseless rumours” once and for all. She is not quitting Bollywood and will soon be back in Mumbai to promote her next movie ‘Banjo’.

Nargis is a New Yorker, and one can spend as much time as they want in their home, right? What’s the deal?

I can’t hoot for her acting skills but I can vouch for her gorgeous face, funny bones and her cool Instagram account.


Haters gonna hate, but I, for one, am super glad! #Girlcrushforever


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