Was PM Narendra Modi’s Claim About A Man Who Made Tea Using Gutter Sludge Right? Here’s The Truth!

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7:15 pm 15 Aug, 2018


In an attempt to create awareness about green-fuels, August 10 is observed as the World Bio-Fuel Day across many parts of the world. In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the celebrations of World Bio-Fuel Day. What grabbed huge attention on the day in India was Modi’s speech in which he mentioned the possibility of generating fuel from sewage gas. As expected,  this did not go well with a large section of Indian population. This was quite evident from the wisecracks that erupted on the social media after the Prime Minister’s speech.

Not just the public, PM Narendra Modi’s speech also triggered umpteen negative reactions from the opposition. For the uninitiated, Modi, in his speech on the World Bio-Fuel Day had narrated the story of a tea vendor who used sewage gases to make tea for his customers.



In his speech, PM said:

“Kisi chhote se nagar mein, naale ke paas, koi chai ka thela lekar ke khada rehtha tha aur chai banakar ke bechta tha. Ussne ek chhote se bartan ko ulta karke, ched karke ek pipe daal diya. Aur jo gutter se gas nikalta tha, woh pipeline se uske apne chai ke thele mein le liya. Aur woh chai banane ke liye ussi gas ka upyog kar karke chai banata tha.”

(English translation- There was a tea vendor near a big sewer of a small town. He made an arrangement with a utensil and a pipe to use the sewage gas and made tea with that gas.)



Now, as per the latest reports doing rounds in the media, it looks like that the narrative of the tea-vendor by Narendra Modi wasn’t imaginary as it was thought to be by a section of social media users. A man has surfaced who is glad to have found his mention in the Prime Minister’s speech. This man claims that it was him who made use of the sewer sludge to make tea at his tea stall.



Talking to a leading news portal, a mechanical contractor named SR Shirke claims that it was him about whom the Prime Minister talked in his World Bio-Fuel Day speech. Shirke has patented the production of bio-CNG from sewage sludge. He said:



Scientists told me my paper has been sent to higher authorities. It had already been 2 yrs hence, I had forgotten about it. Y’day I came to know Modi ji has mentioned my invention in his speech.



As per claims made by Shirke, he received no financial assistance. In fact, the municipality threw his equipment away. Shirke also criticised Congress President Rahul Gandhi saying that he made an immature statement about the Prime Minister.



Recently, while addressing a public rally, Rahul Gandhi had said:


“Modi promised to give 2 crore jobs to youth, now, he says make pakoras, make ‘gas from drainage’.”

What was you reaction to this statement by PM Narendra Modi?