‘Steel Man’ Who Alone Diffused 256 Bombs Died During A Grenade Bomb Test

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7:53 pm 22 May, 2016


Narendra Singh Chaudhary, Bomb Disposal Squad Trainer, died during a grenade blast test while training security forces personnel at the Jungle Warfare College, Chhattisgarh.

Narendra Chaudhary was called ‘Steel Man’ by those who knew him. He was known to walk 50 km without taking any food or water. When the jawans were asked about his weakness, they said, “A cup of tea.”

Narendra Caudhury


In his lifetime, Chaudhary diffused 256 bombs all alone, choosing to keep his team safe while he took the risks. He saved thousands in Naxal areas.

The 48-year-old was from Raipur, Rajasthan. Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh paid tribute to the martyrdom of Chaudhary and paid condolences to his bereaved family. Narendra Chaudhary had been a trainer for diffusing bombs at the Jungle Warfare College since 2005.


It’s sad to hear of the loss of someone who was so dedicated to the safety of fellow citizens. Especially since it appears that his death was preventable. After all, it was merely a test situation. If tests could be done in safer and more simulated situations, we would not lose brave soldiers like Narendra Chaudhary.




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