Nana Patekar’s NGO To Provide Free Medical Help To Widows Of Farmers Who Committed Suicide

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10:35 am 9 Feb, 2016

After adopting drought hit villages to help aggrieved farmers, actor Nana Patekar and Makarand Anaspure’s NGO NAAM Foundation has come forward and donated Rs 12.75 lakh to 85 families of the farmers who committed suicide in 2015. Makarand Anaspure and Nana Patekar

Last month Patekar had adopted two more villages in Maharastra for about a year, so as to make them tanker-free and self-independent within this time frame. Patekar and Anaspure with a distressed farmer


Besides extending monetary help to widows of the farmers, Patekar, over the year has also been urging people to come forward and help these families in whatever way they can.

He has requested people to either contribute towards the education of the farmer’s kids or assist these families by any other means they can.


His NGO NAAM, is now even providing medical card facility to the widows, so they would be ensured free medical facility, after they have been  issued a NAAM medical card.

Talking about the NAAM Medical Card facility, Patekar had recently said:

“NAAM has also started medical card facility and has urged hospitals to give free medical facility for such families who hold the NAAM approved medical card.”

Till now, MVP Samaj’s Dr Vasantrao Pawar Medical College & Hospital has expressed their willingness to aid the beneficiaries. Patekar hopes more hospitals will take up the cause soon.


Twitter - Times of India

Twitter – Times of India Patekar with distressed family of a farmer

Besides starting the NAAM Medical card facility, the NGO  is already working towards deepening the 350 kms of Godavari river, so as to be able to help the farmers in crises.

With these projects and planning, Patekar intends to help farmers overcome the crisis that are posed by natural calamities.

Recognizing Patekar’s hard work towards helping the farmers, city-based ‘Kusumagraj Prathishthan’ would soon be awarding him with the ‘Godavari Gaurav’ award.


We at TopYaps, salute Nana Patekar, Makarand Anaspure and their NGO NAAM, for not only helping the distressed farmers monetarily, but also making sure that they are taken care of in every way possible.


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