Nana Patekar Hated His First Son But His Death Moved Him To The Core. Here Is All That Happened!

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5:04 pm 26 Mar, 2018


Nana Patekar is one of the most versatile actors of the Indian cinema whose each and every film is a testimony to his superb acting skills. He has never hesitated from showing his immense talent on screen but rarely has he opened up about his personal life in public. This is the reason, very few people, only those close to him know about his personal life in detail. This includes the fact that before having his son Malhar, Nana Patekar had another son whom he hated.




During the initial phase of his acting career, Nana got married to Neelakanti who was a banker by profession but also did theatre. Soon after their marriage, they had a son whom Nana did not like at all. The reason was a cut on his lip he had right from the time of his birth. This cut made him look not very unattractive. He also had a number of health issues. This was the reason why Nana did not like him and in fact, hated him.


Nana Patekar with his wife Neelakanti. AIR


But his wife, just like every mother, was very fond of her son and wasn’t willing to give up on him. At the same time, she did not say anything to Nana about their son, perhaps to avoid clashes. One day, Nana and his son were alone at home when suddenly the little child started calling his father playfully. Something moved Nana, he picked up his son and hugged him lovingly. From that moment on, he realized how unfair he had been to his child.



But soon came a moment that shook Nana to the core. His 2-year-old son, who already had health problems became unwell. Deep inside, Nana knew that the child was about to die. The couple gave him all the possible medical help but he could not survive.


Nana Patekar with Malhar Patekar. Mid-


He started staying quiet and depressed. This continued until Nana had his second son Malhar who changed him and made him full of life again. Talking about this entire episode of his life in an old interview, Nana Patekar told the Times of India:


“Today, I am not worried. Now I don’t feel anything. Whether my film runs or not, whether I am honoured or not, it doesn’t make any difference. Somewhere I am little obsessed with death now.”