Actor Nana Patekar Wants To See A Non BJP Leader As The Next Prime Minister

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5:42 pm 9 Apr, 2018


As the general elections of 2019 are coming near, several celebrities and politicians have started to voice their choices for the next Prime Minister. In the last elections, BJP had come out as the winner with an overwhelming majority.




Recently, Bollywood actor, Nana Patekar, spoke about who he wants to see as the next prime minister of India. Speaking to the audience on the 38th Foundation Day of Nationalist Congress Party, Patekar said:

“If a Marathi person occupies the country’s topmost position (PM), it would make me very happy. Don’t say the Congress did nothing in so many years in power. That is not correct. Politicians will keep bickering, but we are all aware of the situation facing the country now. Our democracy has survived for so many years in India, The credit for that goes to the Congress alone. Is it not a major achievement?”


Patekar also referred to the 1966 elections and said that time the Karnataka Chief Minister H.D Deve Gowda became the PM and Sharad Pawar lost by a narrow margin. He questioned if Gowda could become the PM, then why not Pawar.


The 67-year-old actor also talked about his disenchantment with the BJP and spoke at length on various issues that the country is facing. He talked about farmers and fair remunerative prices for their produce and also on why Bollywood personalities should not be conferred Padma awards.




As the year goes by and 2019 comes closer, the national parties have pulled up their socks and have started campaigning. Presently, the Congress and the BJP are facing each other in Karnataka and will then focus on Jammu and Kashmir.