Tinu Jain, Founder Of ‘Modi Brigade’, Arrested In Sex Racket Case

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1:26 pm 8 Sep, 2016

According to TV reports, Gwalior police on September 7 arrested Narender Modi Army Brigade founder Tinu Jain for running a sex racket in BJP-led Madhya Pradesh.


The reports also claim that Tinu was caught from his spa in DB City Township area, where  Jain himself was found to be in an objectionable state.

According to Jain’s Facebook page, he has personally met many BJP leaders, though these leaders have denied knowing Tinu at all.

Tinu has also got nearly 10,000 followers on Facebook and ironically his last status said, “I am not in the business of hiding anything”.

Soon after Tinu’s arrest #NamoSexArmy started trending on Twitter and Facebook with many targeting BJP after the latest development.


Tinu’s arrest comes in heels for another sex scandal that took place in Delhi few days back where former AAP minister Sandeep Kumar was arrested following rape charges.


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