This Company In UK Is Offering ‘Naked Cleaning Services’ And People Are Going Crazy For It

1:00 pm 25 May, 2018

Have you ever heard or come across any company in the world offering naked cleaning services to clients? Or, have you ever thought that there will ever be people demanding and availing such services? Well, a cleaning agency in the United Kingdom is offering the same to its clients. And it seems the demand is quite high.

Bare Domestic, a Peterborough-based cleaning agency is offering the services of naked female cleaners where clients can book women to clean their house topless, in lingerie or entirely naked from £20-an-hour upwards.


According to Bare Domestic’s website, which was said to have been taken down after Metro published the story, the number one rule is ‘do not ask for or expect sexual services from your cleaner’.

It is said that the rule is reiterated on the site’s FAQ page which includes the question: ‘Can I ask for extras?’ To which the company says ‘No, please don’t. Our ladies are not escorts and will be very offended if you ask.’


According to a naked cleaner, who was interviewed by Samantha Rea (a freelance journalist and who reported the story), an additional service is also offered to clients. It is called the ‘Nude Plus’, which costs £75-an-hour.

When clients book this service, ‘you may offer to help them cum. You only offer this because they may prefer to watch you and masturbate themselves,’ she said.


Samantha said that the ad for Bare Domestics in the jobs section of Craigslist, a classifieds site which has ads for everything from maths tutoring to office space, has been currently removed.

Interestingly, it is said that it wasn’t just agencies, but many ads placed by men in various parts of the UK, looking for women – and sometimes men – to clean their houses naked. Samantha also said that there were also many ads on the site who are willing to work as one entirely ethically and without any hint of abuse or pressure. While many ads are looking for hoovering, dusting, ironing, and other general cleaning purposes, some ads also made a mention that there would be contact.


As reported, Samantha interviewed some of the men who posted the ads and also some of the women who have worked as a naked cleaner. However, she said that some of the testimonies tell a very different story. You can read the different stories of people Samantha has interviewed here.

Meanwhile, do you think Bare Domestic, or any companies offering the same services, is taking advantage of vulnerable people and pressuring them into things they are not comfortable with because they need to pay the bills?