Missing JNU Student Najeeb Ahmed’s Mother Dragged And Shoved Into Police Van

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12:27 pm 7 Nov, 2016

With JNU student Najeeb Ahmed missing for over two weeks, the students of JNU along with Najeeb ‘s family staged a protest at Delhi’s India gate on November 6.

The Delhi police though were not happy about the protest and allegedly beat up Najeeb’s mother Fatima Nafees before dragging her into a van to take her under detention.


The protest had over 250 students holding a candle-light vigil for Najeeb when Delhi Police detained them along with Najeeb’s mother and sister for breaking section 144 that was imposed around the area.

The candle light vigil was organized by JNUSU in protest against Police and JNU Administration’s inability to find anything about Najeeb.

While Najeeb’s family along with the students were soon released by the police, the students have alleged that the police misbehaved with them and Ahmed’s family.

“Delhi Police misbehaved with Najeeb’s mother. She was beaten up and dragged into the police van. His sister was also detained,” – Satarupa Chakraborty, JNUSU, General secretary.

The Police have though denied the charges and claimed that the students were not permitted to gather at India Gate, but had instead got permission to stage their demonstration at Jantar Mantar.


File Photo. Exams Watch

File Photo. Exams Watch

Soon after the students were detained Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal rushed to Mayapuri police station and was there until Najeeb’s mother safely reached JNU university after release.

Around 500 students from JNU, Jamia Millia Islamia and DU had gathered at India Gate  for the protest. But as they tried to reach India Gate via different gates, their approaches were blocked and they were put on buses to be taken to police stations.

“Police have brutally beaten us and broken our phones. Many protesters have been detained. The cops were openly threatening to shoot us.” -Mohit Kumar Pandey, JNUSU President.

Police said that they had denied them the permission to assemble near India Gate as prohibitory orders are in force due to Chhat Puja, but the protesters did not follow heed and tried to gather at India Gate.

As for Najeeb’s mother, Police Joint Commissioner (South-West) Depender Pathak, said that she had refused to enter the bus and had instead sat down in the middle of the road.

“We waited for her to move to the bus on her own, but later had to lift and take her inside the vehicle. Adequate number of woman constables were deployed for this,” said Pathak. Police said they had to act quickly as there was a possibility of her being injured.”

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