Little Boy Bullied For Wearing Nail Paint But Then His Father Asked Him To Do This

6:29 pm 27 Oct, 2018


We humans have created some unusual norms and set of rules differently for men and women. There are things which only women must do, and things which only men must follow. And if someone tries to break the norms, he/ she is considered abnormal. What if amidst the chaos, a small kid becomes the center of all hatred for unknowingly disobeying the rules? A concerned dad recently shared a thought provoking story about his kid who was bullied at kindergarten for wearing nail paint. Sam Gouveia, 5, suffered the bullying and then broke down at the end of the day. Sam’s dad has shared the incident on Twitter in a series of tweets.

He has criticized largely the parents of the kids, and even called for support from other parents. In a heart-breaking tweet, Sam’s father explains how his son who is otherwise a strong kid, couldn’t handle being bullied at the kindergarten and cried inconsolably later.




In his first tweet, he wrote:

“My rage meter is spiking right now so excuse me if this is a little raw but there are some things I want to say about BS #gender norms.”


He tweets further:


Talks about how Sam loves to paint his nails!


And explained how he wore a red nail paint to the kindergarten!


He then explained how Sam’s classmates treated him!


Sam cried his heart out and couldn’t speak much!


The 5-year old couldn’t explain the situation properly!


He ultimately wanted to get rid of the nail paint!


Sam’s father also explains how his son has never been afraid in his life!


And talks about the toxic masculinity!


And calls upon the parents of the kids who bullied Sam!


He further talks about the importance of expression!


And also about how he inspired Sam to wear a brighter color the next day!


Calls his son a great human being!


And explains how superheroes like ‘Thor’ wear nail paint!


And also the importance of self love!


Sam’s brother painted his nails!


And the father too!


He shared some very powerful lines!


And the picture of his painted nail!


All tweets have been shared through the Twitter handle ‘Daddy Files’ and soon became viral. Other people also joined the movement and shared the pictures of their painted nails.


People thanked Sam’s dad for sharing his story!


Some called Sam alive!


Some sent him their love!


And some even cried!


Bullying of any form is bad and should not be fostered by any means. All we can say here is – More power to you Sam!

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