Get Inspired By These 5 Instagram Nail Artists And Let Your Nails Dazzle This Shaadi Season

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6:07 pm 4 Oct, 2016

Done with your clothing and accessory shopping for the upcoming Diwali + Shaadi season? But, what about your pretty hands? Of course, your Swarovski bracelet hasn’t gone anywhere but your nails definitely need a makeover!

You want pretty hands with long and dazzling nails but hardly take out time for it. This season, follow these five super cool nail art artists and make your nails party-ready! Whether for a wedding or a simple everyday party, these Instagram nail art artists have all that you need to make your nails the center of attention.

1.  alpsnailart

A digital marketing professional, Alpana, who is highly passionate about nail art and creativity, has everything in her box for you. From simple day-to-day nail art designs to party-wear glittering, bold-colour eye catchers, her Instagram account is full of them. Above all, if you like a design on her Instagram account, you can check out her blog for the step-by-step tutorial and make your friends jealous!




Check out this amazing tutorial Blobbicure Dry Water Marble Nails’ by alpsnailart!


2. claw_reena

Reena believes in the philosophy of loving yourself the most! If you believe in the same, then start pampering yourself with a nice manicure and nail art. If you are planning to attend a wedding or it’s your own wedding claw_reena is the perfect account to follow. They have mastered the art of designing the nails using lots of tiny accessories which make the nails perfectly wedding ready.





From geometrical prints to marble art designs, you just name them and this Instagram account will give you. No matter if you are a diva in your 20s or 40s, you will get designs that will suit your age group. Subtle to shiny, has it all for you.




Yes, they know the technique of Alia Bhatt’s famous ‘black and gold’ nail art design!

Alia Bhatt Nail Art for Maybelline New York Color Show (3)104809


4. banicured_

Bani has a huge Insta following and that’s all because of her super amazing nail art designs and out-of-the-box creativity. She knows how to mix soothing matt colours with shiny glitters and make them look classy. Her gorgeous designs are loved by many across the globe!




You can learn this ultra easy technique called ‘Mint chocolate chip nails’ via this video by banicured_!


5. nail_art_made_easy

nail_art_made_easy is another budding artist in the industry of nail art and creative nail designing. They have a few unique and trendy designs which are hard to find anywhere else! You should follow the Instagram account of this nail artist if you are interested in more girlish designs with lots of bright and shimmery colour techniques.



And not just that! You can learn some trendy designs for your toenails as well. Isn’t this amazing?


A photo posted by @nail_art_made_easy on


So, what are you waiting for now? Log in to your Instagram account and follow these amazing nail art artists today.

Make your nails look ‘nail-o-licious’ and let your girlfriends die of jealousy!

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